02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Hacking Urban Space

Rreth Projektit

Can films change the world?

Maybe, because people can and films with a warm heart can inspire to action. We love when documentary films are used as tools for change.

Sufficient fresh water; universal access to cleaner energy; the ability to travel efficiently from one point to another; a sense of safety and security: these are the kinds of promises modern cities must fulfill if they are to stay competitive and provide a decent quality of life to their citizens.

What are the major Kosovo cities doing to fulfill these conditions and what is the level of knowledge of its younger population when it comes to these particular questions? The project aims to educate young people (mainly University students) on the concepts of the smart cities and engage them into discussions with the new Mayors of largest Kosovo cities (Prizren, Prishtina and Peja) on their plans on investments in human and social capital, and in communication infrastructure, to encourage sustainable economic development and a higher quality of life, with judicious management of natural resources through participatory government.

DokuFest in collaboration with Anibar from Peja and Termokiss (NGO RRITU) in Prishtina intends to organize thematic months of film screenings free of charge dedicated for students in the Universities of these cities. The screenings will also allow a slot for citizens who are interested to attend the screenings. Through the screenings the audience will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the topics that films address.

The overall topics that project will be primarily focused on challenges of efficiencies in urban strategies, population growth, transport congestions, environment and other particular problems these cities face while trying to address the challenges through participatory governance and the involvement of local communities, activists and by better management of public spaces.

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