03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:Home Away From Home

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:Home Away From Home

Kosova, 2018, 25 min

Samuel 10 years old Roma boy living in Konik Camp on the outskirts of Podgorica, Montenegro. His parents flees the Kosovo war in 1999 and have been living there ever since. Every day Samuel goes to school on the bus. All the Roma children were going to school in the camp, isolated from the rest. Not very long this have change, and we fallow Samuel on his way to school, his and his fallow friends interactions with his new teachers.

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Sami Mustafa is award winning independent documentary director, producer and writer. He is founder of Romawood, Rolling Film Festival acting as artistic director and International Romani Film Commission fostering Roma Cinema. He is also acting as film tutor that gives opportunity to young Roma people to learn and to express other lives, experience and identity through artistic methods, thus producing documentary films.
Sami Mustafa
16 Boulevard Yves Farge
Lyon, Rhone Alpes 69007
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Sami Mustafa
Sami Mustafa
Thomas Hakenholz, Sami Mustafa
Sami Mustafa
Teophile Teophile

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