03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:Curveless Line

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:Curveless Line

Kosova, 2018, 14 min

Sara and Shkurta are two young girls, cents end in similar situations. They are accidentally recognized on the street and decide to support each other. Sara is a student and she is in a love affair with a boy who is part of the fun club '' Plisat ''. He decides to help Sara with money, but she does not want them and she decided to leave her life and also leaves the dormitory and decides to give birth to her baby. Here, in this situation Shkura help Sara. Shkura is an actress, where her boyfriend Drilon is also playing in one of her films. At one point he becomes very jealous during filming, and both lose their roles. She is out in the street, without money and without anything.

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Donjeta Hyseni born: January 14, 1992 , Pristina, Kosovo is an Albanian (Kosovo) Screenplay and Director. She has been a leading directing film since the 2013. She focused on short stories: drama, social, experimental.
Donjeta Hyseni
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Donjeta Hyseni
Hysen Hyseni
Adonis Krasniqi
Laurat Gashi
Florsit Bajgora, Edon Shileku, Vlora Dervishi
Muhamet Veseli

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