02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

John Smith


July 7th, 2017

In its 16th edition, DokuFest is thrilled to announce it will be presenting a retrospective of British filmmaker John Smith’s work, by showing 21 of his films and hosting a master-class with the filmmaker.

John Smith has been a pioneer in the British avant-garde film scene for over three decades. His films are known for their ingenuity, inflammatory wit, and unorthodox storytelling. Smith’s unique style is influenced by both structural film and conceptual art, but the artist’s fascination is with the power of oral storytelling and narrative storytelling’s power. Smith has formed an extensive body of work that blurs the lines between documentary and fiction. His films are often rooted in everyday life; his meticulously crafted films playfully explore and expose the language of cinema.

Smith wears many hats, as he writes, shoots, produces and performs postproduction on all of his films. At this years edition of DokuFest John Smith will be leading a master-class focused on how to make your own films and the technical skills required ranging from storytelling to cinematography, audio and editing techniques.

Watching his films is like dancing: if you are ready to enjoy the ride — you will love every second of it. But once it’s over, you want more.

A selection of Smiths work will be shown in 3 programs each showing 5-8 of the artist’s films:

Program 1

Om (4 mins. 1986)
The Girl Chewing Gum (12 mins, 1976)
The Black Tower (23 mins, 1985-7)
Gargantuan (1 min, 1992)
Slow Glass (40 mins, 1988-91)

Total running time 80 minutes

Program 2

Hotel Diaries series –
Frozen War (11 mins, Ireland, 2001)
Museum Piece (12 mins, Germany, 2004)
Throwing Stones (11 mins, Switzerland, 2004)
B & B (6 mins, England, 2005)
Pyramids / Skunk (17 mins, Netherlands, 2006-7)
Dirty Pictures (14 mins, Palestine, 2007)
Six Years Later (9 mins, Ireland, 2007)

Total running time 82 minutes

Program 3

Who Are We? (4 mins, 2016)
Dad’s Stick (5 mins, 2012)
Blight (14 mins, 1994-6)
Worst Case Scenario (18 mins, 2001-3)
White Hole (7 mins, 2014)
Flag Mountain (8 mins, 2010)
Steve Hates Fish (5 mins, 2015)
Unusual Red cardigan (13 mins, 2011)

Total running time 74 mins.