July 11th, 2017

We are very excited to announce our first DokuNights act, a showcase of the notable Munich-based Ilian Tape label with their members Zenker Brothers and Andrea.

Founded by the Zenker Brothers in 2007, for the past 10 years, Ilian Tape has been releasing various projects featuring artists from around the world, contributing to a diverse but always recognizable label sound. Zenker Brothers’ unique approach with their record label work, has led them to be one of the key imprints of today’s techno scene. Dario and Marco Zenker’s music follows the legacy of Detroit techno, house, dub, rap music and breakbeat, defining their own trademark sound through their notorious B2B sets and exceptional releases.

Andrea, another distinguished member of the Ilian Tape label is also coming to Prizren and bringing a live show for the showcase event. Showing his passion for music and art since childhood – Andrea started experimenting with various sounds, prudently following variations in the techno scene, and years of musical identity research which contributed to the creation of his significant elements of music – a mix of sundry elements related to ‘90s breakbeat and IDM with excursion to warehouse techno and house.

Celebrating their labels 10 year anniversary in the first half of 2017, The Zenker Brothers, Andrea and the rest of the Ilian label family toured throughout Europe performing in over 24 cities and venues as notable as the Berghain, Fabric & Concrete. We are thrilled to host their next rave at ANDRRA on August 11 and hope you are too!

Stay tuned for more DokuNights acts to be announced in the following days.