02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII


July 6th, 2017

Nothing really matters when the one you love is gone
You’re still in me, baby
I need you
In my heart, I need you 
– ” I Need You” from Skeleton Tree album, Nick Cave

DokuFest is pleased to announce its strand of music documentaries for the upcoming edition of the festival, taking place from 4 to 12 of August in Prizren, Kosova.
Consisting of 7 features, this year’s exploration of music in film brings to the festival works of a number of established filmmakers plus a seminal film of a legendary one.

In One More Time With Feeling, Andrew Dominik’s harrowing and heartbreaking film about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, we witness a process of the recording of Cave’s new album Skeleton Tree while the artist, his family and some of his closest friends are undergoing a period of mourning of the tragic death of Cave’s son Arthur. A haunting yet beautiful film about loss and love!

Michael Winterbottom’s On The Road is behind the scene look at British indie rock band Wolf Alice during their UK tour but with a strange twist! Two actors appear in, what looks like straightforward doc, to make it one of the freshest music docu-fiction in recent memory.

There is a bit of chaos and fight and love and hate and everything in between in Matt Whitecross’s entertaining doc Supersonic about Britpop phenomenon Oasis and the troubling relationship between two Gallagher brothers.

North Korea seems interesting to almost everyone these days but few would imagine a concert of legendary Slovenian rock band Laibach in Pyongyang in celebration of countries national holiday. That’s exactly what happens in Morten Traavik’s and Ugis Olte’s wry and humorous film Liberation Day, a first such concert for a western rock band.

There aren’t very many who’ve heard of Tony Conrad, a brilliant artist, musician, avant-garde filmmaker and friend or collaborator to many great artists. And Tyler Hubby’s excellent and unpretentious doc Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present is sure to change this.

Suzanne Cianni, a pianist, composer and modular synth pioneer is featured in Brett Whitcomb’s documentary A Life in Waves shedding light to an illustrious work and carrier of a unique musician and artist.

Someone called Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense Past, Present and the Future of Concert Films, others The Concert Film All Others Try To Be and many called and continue to call it The Greatest Concert Film of All Time. We fully agree with all of them and will be screening the film to also pay tribute to Jonathan Demme, who passed away earlier this year.

Competitions will be announced on July 10 on festival’s website.