(Track 4 – Content)
    22 August 2014


Exploring and challenging the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, openness and security. DOKU:TECH is an initiative of IPKO Foundation, SHARE Foundation and DokuFest.


The role of the different communities on creating the quality content online, the content being shared, what people are mostly interested in and many other interesting topics related to online content will be on focus of the day four.

From fighting injustice with kindness, over civil disobedience, culture jamming and communication guerilla to the decentralized whistleblowing initiatives, day four will also explore pro and contra ideas and concepts on how to use technology to empower us in our everyday struggle for better society.

Day four speakers include: Pedro Noel, Bilal Ghalib, Faith Bosworth, Ivan Angelovski followed with panel on the Role of Watchdogs.

For detailed schedule please visit DOKU:TECH website: http://dokute.ch/#schedule