Ricardo Bar


From Kosovo 2.0

The movie Ricardo Bär is one of the more successful examples of spiritual cinema. It follows the daily life of Ricardo, a farmer who dreams of becoming a theologian.

His village, on the border of Brazil and Argentina is inhabited mostly by farmers of German descent. Ricardo does not want to inherit his father’s land but instead wants to become a pastor. When German filmmakers come to his town, they give him the opportunity to follow his dream by giving him a scholarship to theology school. He faces the difficult decision of leaving his life and family behind to study in Buenos Aires.

Ricardo is chosen for this film partially because of his personality and quiet charisma, but also because the directors and filmmakers wanted to know more about his hometown Aurora.

Directors Gerardo Naumann and Nele Wohaltz make a very interesting choice by having a presence in the film themselves. Their voices are heard narrating the story in Spanish. They are always very direct with Ricardo about their intentions. However problems arise when Ricardo and the community tell the directors to stop shooting and leave. This compelling, multi-layered documentary finds a modern way to approach faith.

Ricardo Bar is screening today in Doku Kino at noon.