Rabbitland 2


From Kosovo 2.0

As part of the DokuKids program, Ana Nedejkovic and Nikola Majdak led a group of young people in creating the sequel to their animated movie, Rabbitland, winner of the Best Balkan category at this year’s Anibar festival.

Rabbitland 2 is a stop-motion workshop for kids aged 10 -14 year old. The two day workshop gathered around 25 kids from Prizren.

Nedeljkovic explains that the idea came the idea the animated film Rabbitland which is also competing at Dokufest: “We asked the kids from Prizren to help us with the sequel to Rabbitland. I was really impressed with their interest because we intended to make the workshop with only 10 of them, but in the end we had a workshop with 25 amazing kids.” She further explains, “We made a short animated sequence of the film for which we used DokuFest’s slogan ‘Change, Don’t hide’, but we had also a lot of interesting discussions.”

The participants were also very enthusiastic about the workshop. Ylli Krasniqi, 11 years old, said: “I decided to come to the DokuKids workshop because I have never been here before, so I thought I should give it a try and see how it goes so that I can come again. The part that I liked the most was when we made pink rabbits out of plasticine. Each of us made each one. I found the workshop very interesting from my first day because I met new friends and I also practiced my English.”

Nedejkovic told Kosovo 2.0, “Nikola and I decided to continue with the stories of brainless rabbits and to organize a series of workshops for the children and teenagers and ask them what they think what should happened in Rabbitland 2. This could be very inspiring for us for the next part of Rabbitland.”

But not only for Rabbitland. It is very important for children to be engaged in a creative work and explore their talents. DokuFest’s DokuKids program also features two other workshops — Exploring Water and Live Theatre, which are open to all children. For more information on the times and places, take a look here.