The Visegrad Bridge project is an initiative for film professionals from the Visegrad countries and the Balkans. An interactive combination of intensive workshops, lectures and case studies aimed at future journalists, young film critics, festival and film fund representatives, producers and film directors. Thanks to the project a creative Visegrad-Balkan platform with the same name will be founded which will inevitably lead to future cooperation between Visegrad countries and the Balkans.

All project activities are unique in the circle and network of film professionals and film industry. At present, there is no other meeting of film professionals in Balkans involving such a presence of their counterparts from Visegrad countries. The key advantage of the project is that directors, producers, young film critics and film institute representatives meet at one place with their counterparts and with leading experts in the field of documentary film.

VISEGRAD BRIDGE platform initiative at this stage contains three activities and will be used to bring together representatives from Visegrad countries and the Balkans to develop understanding of each other cultural background and to share their experience in this field. This way we hope to pave the way for the development of future partnerships and international projects & collaborations.

These activities are Common Ground: Film Criticism Workshop, Balkan Calling collaborative initiative and Meet the Festivals meeting.

The Project is a collaborative initiative between DokuFest, Institute of Documentary Film Czech Republik, Slovak Film Institute and Bialystok Cultural Centre from Poland.

The Project is funded by: International Visegrad Fund – Slovakia