:See No Evil

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17.08, 20:00, DOKU KINO PLLATO

See No Evil

Netherlands/Belgium, 2014, Colour, 75 min

Once active in the entertainment industry and in scientific research, they are now retired. See No Evil offers a look at the daily lives of three famous monkeys. Cheeta, a movie star known for his work in ‘Tarzan’, spends his days making abstract art. Kanzi, the smartest monkey in the world, tries to educate his son. And Knuckles is a disfigured lab monkey. A poetic, at times bitter story about the intriguing relationship between ape and man. The film’s concluding question: who is watching whom, and who learns from whom?

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Jos de Putter (1959, Netherlands) studied political science and literature in Leiden and philosophy in Berlin. He worked as a film critic before making his first documentary in 2003, It's Been a Lovely Day. In 2007, this documentary was named one of the 16 best Dutch films ever, and therefore included in the Canon of Dutch film. Since 2006, he also makes installations. His work has been exhibited worldwide, and De Putter has been honoured with several retrospectives.
Hot Docs 2014. Rotterdam IFF 2014. Best International Documentary - DOK.fest, Munich 2014. Visions du Réel 2014. Docville, Leuven 2014.

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Screening Schedule

17.08, 20:00, DOKU KINO PLLATO


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