KOSOVO 2.0 @ DokuFest — What to watch on Thursday

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From Kosovo 2.0


Hearts and Minds (12pm @ Kino Klubi) 

The Vietnam War was the last war in which cameras were welcomed without question on the frontline, or even the brothel, by the US Army. In Hearts and Minds (1974), director Peter Davis tries to put on screen the not so positive face of the United States in this conflict, and the impact of their presence in Vietnam, while successive U.S. presidents kept selling the world the idea that they would one day victory over the enemy.

This film, which premiered at the Cannes festival in 1974, will be screened at Dokufest as part of the “Focus America – Spotlight Richard Pearce.” Pearce, cinematographer of Hearts and Minds, is in Prizren to share his work and his career with Dokufest’s viewers.

Kosovo 2.0 caught up with Pearce on Tuesday, read the interview here.




Two Raging Grannies (4pm @ Shtëpia e Kultures) 

Who said there is an age limit to rebellion? Certainly not Shirley and Hinda, in this film they challenge that notion and start a long trip across the US to engage everyone, from students to Wall Street brokers, in their difficult enterprise: confronting capitalism. They might not be able to stand on their feet for more than an hour, but armed with their sense of humor, friendship and capacity to question the established economic system, these two women will make you reconsider a few things.

Harvard Bustnes directed this 77’ Norwegian film, included in the Green Dox program.




I left My Shoes in Istanbul (10pm @ Kino Bahçe)

Sako Arian is going back to his roots. Of Lebanese-Armenian extraction, this poet comes back to Istanbul to know more about his past and the past of Armenians. I left my shoes in Istanbul (2012),directed by Syrian filmmaker Nigol Bezjian,shows Sako’s journey through the historical and cultural heritage of his ancestral city and the conversation he keeps during his trip with both Armenians and Turks.

The film is included in the Armenian Perspectives program.