Invisible Walls to unravel in Prizren!

    invisible walls

ODA Theatre, in cooperation with Dokufest, will present the play “Invisible Walls”, on August 24th. The theater play, a journey that depicts people trapped in isolation or surrounded by invisible walls, is an international co-production between Kosovo and the UK. It’s inspired by real situations; the inability to move freely and enjoy basic rights, and the sensation of being trapped because of bureaucracy, prejudice, and fear.

Producers: Florent Mehmeti, Lirak Çelaj, ODA Theater, Prishtina, Kosovo

International producer: Neil Butler, UZ Arts, Glasgow, UK

Director: Florent Mehmeti, Kosovo

Co-director: Jon Beedell, UK

Visual/Installation artists: Henry Jesionka, Austria/Canada & Veton Gusia, Kosovo

Choreographer: Ali Salmi, France

Music: Armend Xhaferi, Kosovo;

Actors: Kushtrim Qerimi, Liridona Shehu, Eshref Durmishi, Semira Latifi & Gani Rrahmani (Kosovo)