Highlights day 4-6!


The latest updates from the festival has been a bit delayed since a stomach flew been hitting a lot of the guests lately. Unfortunately I was one of them. Anyways I’m now up on my feet again and ready to share some highlight among the films i managed to see despite the stomach kramps.

Life May Be
This beautiful film by Mania Akbari and Mark Cousins is a conversational piece between the two directors. The film embarks with a letter from Mark to Mania written as a forword to the release of one of her film in the UK. Mania answers the letter with the tale of her journey from Iran to England and thenceforth the conversation continues with poetic video letters about art and belonging. I feel very touched that the filmmakers shared this film with us and I wish that you all will see it. Screens again Saturday!

Mitch: A Diary of a Schizophrenic
This film is a special one. Shot with a mobile phone camera the film captures the ups and downs of the protagonist’s disease and gives an insight to a world rarley available to the spectator. It becomes a struggle between the ”normal” and the ”crazy” and the blur in-between. What is real, really? The film use a lot of animation which is fortunate since many of the involved is in a fragile state. Definitely one of these docs that will leave you a bit shaky after leaving the cinema.

My Name is Salt
This observational documentary is a truly wonderful film about a family working in the salt industry in India. Told in the most respectful way you get the privileges to follow the long process that finally results in a the whitest salt on earth. A process that is both fascinating and demanding. Trough beautiful images and a tempo that reflects the craft itself this film grows to an experience beyond the usual. And you’ll never look the same at salt again. Screens again on Saturday.

Since we are now more then half way trough the festival I would also like to write a short note about the wonderful guests that are here or already left the festival. What makes Dokufest so special is the relaxed environment where inspiring conversations are only one rakia away and new friendships and collaborations are formed daily. With my health recovered I’m now looking forward to an other late doku-night!