DokuFest 2013 – BREAKING BORDERS


    Dokufest  2013 emblem? The humble paper-airplane.

    Why? Because a paper plane can brake borders both internal and external, religious and political.

    A paper plane can take flight, carry messages and communicate, braking even the most extreme and impenetrable of borders: Those that rest deep within us. The key to this, one human wanting to have contact with another. For we humans desire connection and communication, we love to give and we love to receive, breaking borders as we do so.

    A single page of paper, folded and made ready for flight is often thought of as a play thing for children, simple and cheap, fun and mesmerizing. The paper airplanes is endlessly throwable to the child within all of us and its power to communicate will be open for all to explore at Dokufest.

    This year’s emblem is bound tightly to the line-up of films, all of which brake borders in different ways, be they sexual, religious, political or conceptual.

    This year’s festival colors are red green and blue. They have been chosen as they are the base colors that all television monitors and video cameras work with. Thus all the films showing this year will have been made from Red, Green and Blue. In turn the aesthetic of our publicity materials, this year, will pay homage to that fact. Prepare to break borders and dare to take flight and have your own borders broken at Dokufest 2013.

    The above concept comes through our choice this year to collaborate with the Filmmaker and Artist Daniel Mulloy. We gave the words “Breaking Boarders” to Mulloy and asked him to brand the 2013 festival. For Mulloy the emblem of the paper plane is both humble and powerful. Humble in its simplicity, yet powerful as unfolded it becomes a sheet of paper, the building block for humanity entire civilization. When flattened, only the creases of flight are mapped on the paper sheets otherwise smooth surface. This unfolded airplane is vulnerable and like Kosova, endless in its potential for greatness.