Prizren, 31 July, 2011

At the award ceremony held today in Prizren awards were given to films in 7 competitions of the festival. In addition to this, the audience award, as well as Best Pitch award from Balkan Documentary Center workshop was handed out too. 

The jury for Balkan Dox competition comprised of Alexandar Nanau from Romania, Sara Garcia Villanueva from Spain and Donal Mosher from USA awarded Serbian entry Letter to Dad by Srdjan Keca with Best Balkan Dox award. The same jury also awarded Cinema Komunisto by Mila Turajlic with Best Balkan Newcomer award. The award, given by Balkan Documentary Center for best debut film competing in Balkan Dox section of DokuFest is provided by the State Institute for Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.

In Int’Dox competition of the festival, the jury comprised of James Longley from USA, Melanie Sevcenko from Ukraine, Pietro Marcello from Italy, Sally Berger from USA and Necati Sonmez from Turkey awarded Polish film Out of Reach by Jakup Stozek from Poland with Best Int’l Short Dox award. Best Int’l Feature Dox award went to the film from U.K. People I Could Have Been And Maybe Am by director Boris Gerrets. Same jury also awarded Itanian director Mahsud Bakshi with Special Jury prize for his film Our Persian Rug.

Below is the statement of the jury:

For its ability to tell a compelling and personal story that expresses a universal need, we give the award for BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT DOCUMENTARY to a film by a new director of great promise: OUT OF REACH, by director Jakub Stozek.

To a film that expresses the journey of a country through metaphor, weaving both archival and personal, contemporary material together in a rich tapestry of meaning, we give the SPECIAL JURY AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL FEATURE DOCUMENTARY to a film by an emerging master of his craft: OUR PERSIAN RUG, by director Massoud Bakhshi.

For its innovative style that pushes forward the boundaries of documentary cinema and tells the deeply human stories of its characters with a deep sense of honesty and love, we present the award for BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE DOCUMENTARY to the film PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM, by director Boris Gerrets.

Human Rights Dox award went to Canadian documentary You Don’t Like The Truth – 4 days Inside Guantanamo by Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez while Danish entry Blood In The Mobile by Frank Piasecki Poulsen was awarded with special mention. The jury was comprised of Sandra Ruch from USA, Thomas Logoreci from Albania and Sebastian Saam from Germany.

This is what jury said about winning films:

The Human Rights jury has selected a single film from a half-dozen works whose consistent task is to bring to our attention stories or urgent social injustice. Of these six documentaries, we have singled out YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTHFOUR DAYS INSIDE GUANTANAMOas our winner.

In making this selection, we hope that perhaps we may shed some light on our film's subject - Omar Khadr, a fifteen year old Canadian citizen who was captured in Afghanistan then held in the Guantanamo Bay prison for the past several years.

However, we would like to give special mention to BLOOD IN THE MOBILE a film whose topic - the profit from the current war in the Congo by exploitation of minerals to be used in Nokia phones - is a powerful film also worth noting in our decision.

The jury of Green Dox competition comprised of Petrit Ceku from Kosovo, Truls Lie from Norway and Marshal Curry from USA awarded Kosovar documentary Kingdom of Coal by Antoneta Kastrati and Cassey Cooper Johnson with Best Green Dox award and Irish documentary The Pipe by Risteard O’Domhnaill with special mention.

Best Int’l Short film at DokuFest is Gardfren by Cuneyt Karaahmetoglu from Turkey whilst jury comprised of Momoko Seto from japan, Gani Jakupi from Kosovo and Stjepan Hundic from Croatia also awarded two special mentions in this category. First mention went to Driton Hajredini’s and Yll Qitaku’s short fiction Si Qeni n’Rush from Kosovo and second mention to Spanish short film La Gran Carrera by Kote Camacho.

Jury statemant bellow:

Simple but deep slice of life, narrated in a beautiful black and white image, the decision of the best international short film of DokuFest 2011 was unanimous in awarding Gardfren, by Cüneyt Karaahmetoglu as Best Int'l Short film at DokuFest. 

Special Mention: 

La gran Carrera 

Effective and surprising portrait of human nature. 
Si qeni n’rrush

Well balanced between tragedy and humour, conveyed by brilliant acting.

Kosovan director Lulzim Zeqiri walked away with award in National competition for his documentary Portreti i Humbur whilst jury comprised of Sanjin Pejkovic from Sweden, Luan Jaha from Kosovo and Thibaut Bracque from France also awarded Kosovo produced short fiction Ninulla by Antoneta Kastrati and Cassey Cooper Johnson a special mention.

The ballots casted by visitors determined Swedish documentary The Black Power Mix Tapes 1967-1975 by Goran Hugo Olson to be audience winner of DokuFest whilst DokuKids jury comprised of Kosovan youngsters Anila Sokoli, Adrian Bytyqi and Edvin Susuri awarded mysterious Italian director Blu with DokuKids award for his animation Big Bang Big Boom.

Photo by: Jetmir Idrizi

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