Tales From the Prison Cell

Mesék a zárkából

Croatia, Hungary
2019 — 75 min / Colour



Tales from the Prison Cell is a creative documentary about the relationship between fathers in prison and their children at home. In addition to the focus of presenting three incarcerated fathers, we gain insight into the changed lives of their families and children. As we become familiar with their daily lives, we witness the distance and even the closeness that grows between the inmates and their families. As a way of keeping contact, the inmates write fairy tales for their kids which we then make into films with the children playing the lead roles. The stories convey messages that the fathers have come to see as basic truths during the course of their own lives and believe are important to pass on. Within these stories, in the freedom created by fiction, father and child can be united once again.

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Director Biography

Ábel Visky was born in Bacau, Romania in 1987. After finishing his photo, film and media studies at Sapienta University in Cluj, Romania, he continued his directorial studies at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest, Hungary, where he is currently an MA student of the Film and Television Directing department. A multiple award winner with both documentary and fiction shorts ‘Splash’, ‘Zsolt and Kriszta’, ‘Family Portrait’ and ‘Dummy’, his newest short ‘Romanian Sunrise’ is in competition at the 27th Trieste Film Festival.

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Ábel Visky


Eszter Gyarfas

Viktória Petrányi


Zágon Nagy

István Kürti


Anna Visky

Laszlo Hargittai


Andor Horváth

Screenings & Awards

Hot Docs, Canada, 2020


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