Following the uncertainties reigning over the global crisis caused by COVID - 19 pandemic DokuFest’s 19th edition moved into a digital sphere. In this situation, the film industry and film festivals are facing challenges beyond any expectation. What will be the steps to adapt to unavoidable circumstances and embrace new realities beyond 2020.

We will be proudly hosting Anna Serner, director of the Swedish Film Institute in conversation with Brigid O’Shea the co-founder of the Documentary Association of Europe.

Anna Serner

Born in 1964, Anna Serner is the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. She took up the post on October 1st 2011 and had during this period worked hard to achieve a gender equal and inclusive film industry. In 2016 she and the Swedish Film Institute launched the target 50/50by2020.

Her previous position was as Managing Director of the Swedish Media Publishers’ Association (Tidningsutgivarna), where she was active in public debate on freedom of speech and the media’s role in society.

In addition, she undertook a two-year course in practical filmmaking at the Stockholm School of Film as well as film studies at Stockholm University.

Over the past 20 years Anna has created several educations in the aim of getting women to get creative leading positions, and lately to help getting the film industry to prevent sexual harassments.

Brigid O’Shea

Is an Australian native who has worked for European film festivals and documentary organisations since 2008. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts obtained in Melbourne and Berlin, she started as an intern at the Berlinale Talent Campus. She worked for various Berlinale departments as a freelancer until 2014, including the EFM and also Co-Production Market, until taking a more focused approach on creative documentary. This came from coordinating the DOK Industry Programme from 2009-2015, which allowed her to also freelance for the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague, for Documentary Campus Masterschool, and Berlin-based production companies.

She was appointed Head of DOK Industry Programme in January 2015. She regularly tutors on topics like European co-financing, cultural management and festival strategies in places like North America and East Europe. In February 2020 she co-launched the Documentary Association of Europe.