The time has come to unite around DokuFest, albeit in distance. This is the only difference of the 19th edition of DokuFest, compared to previous years, because although the festival will take place on the online platform, it still brings movies, music performances, debates and other virtual activities.

The transition from the usual form of organizing the festival to the virtual space brought with itself the theme of this year: TRANSMISSION.

“The inability to organize the festival in its usual form has influenced the selection of the topic which is TRANSMISSION with its two sub-themes, which are TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION, as well as the form in which they can be elaborated. Having in mind that the broadcasting of the entire festival program will take place in the virtual sphere, this was the first impetus in the selection of the theme, while the transition in which our society and the global one is necessarily leads to a transformation, the visions of which still seem to be unclear”, says Veton Nurkollari, artistic director at DokuFest.

He explains that this is just a simplified reading of these notions and that anyone can and should interpret them as they wish.
“A number of films in the program, as well as the debates that will be organized within the festival will address these topics to some extent, we hope,” says Nurkollari.

Like the film program, other activities as well have been lovingly prepared by the dedicated team of DokuFest, which despite the very unclear developments within this year, has not given up from the idea to meet and interact with the audience. Therefore starting from August 7 to August 25 we will be united, albeit at a distance.

We invite you to enjoy this year’s edition of DokuFest on our online platform.

Once more we remind you that in order to bring the festival online, we have partnered with Festival Scope and Shift72 to ensure the best streaming experience and to also make sure that our program is accessible for the local and regional audiences.