ProCredit Bank this year continues the tradition of supporting DokuFest, as a general sponsor. This cooperation has started 16 years ago with the aim of strengthening the cultural scene and economic growth in Kosovo. The General Director of ProCredit Bank in Kosovo, Eriola Bibolli emphasized that this cooperation does not represent just a commercial support, but rather is a long-term partnership between the bank and DokuFest.

DS: What is the motive behind supporting this year’s online edition of DokuFest?

Bibolli: The fact that ProCredit Bank has been supporting this festival for 16 years shows that our cooperation is not a commercial support but a long-term partnership. ProCredit Bank has proven for 20 years that in addition to its banking business, it has played an important role in the development of the country both economically and culturally. Therefore, even in this year, which is not an easy one for everyone, the support for our clients and associates has been a priority for us.

DS: What were the difficulties behind this decision, considering the fact that the festival has rolled out in the digital sphere?

Bibolli: ProCredit is a leader in the field of digitalization of its services in the Kosovo market. So we embrace everyone that follows our path, given that this is the future, especially now in times of pandemic it is necessary for all of us who want to be close to our customers and make their daily lives easier, and offer them safety.

So no, it was quite easy to offer for the festival followers the same what we offer to our customers, the pleasure to watch films from the comfort of their homes and above all safety without threatening their health.

DS: Why is it important to support the independent cultural scene in a pandemic?

Bibolli: The effect that the pandemic has had in all spheres of life is huge, so each of us must contribute to overcome this situation as easily as possible. In this regard, supporting the independent cultural scene is extremely important, especially considering its effect on social and mental health of the people, not to mention the economic assistance that they need in order to survive this global crisis.

DS: How would you describe the 16 years of collaboration with DokuFest?

Bibolli: DokuFest is one of the most important cultural events of the country, and one of the largest representatives of Kosovar culture in Europe, so we strongly believe that such cooperation of institutions as in this case is necessary and of great importance having in mind the common mission; strengthening the cultural scene and the economic growth of our country.