In collaboration with Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Zitroni and Sven Schwarz teamed-up on August 21st to transmit some of the festival sounds from Hamburg directly to Prizren, and worldwide.

Live-streaming from Slot, one of the most well-known nightclubs in Hamburg, the duo charmed the audience for an hour while the “On Air” sign was spotted in the background. Recognizing the same sign that is lighting up Prizren’s Castle as we are speaking, it is the undeniable proof that despite regulations, music needs no passport to travel. As promised in advance, DokuFest’s old friends Zitroni and Sven Schwarz did not only brought on stage the very-much-needed and eccentric sounds, they also brought an enormous fog machine and the dim disco lights that paradoxically would light up any setting, even virtual.

In this back-to-back performance, what felt like an ode to the current longing for the clubbing experience, was more of a reminder of all the things we have lost and have gained ever since the pandemic started. By mimicking the electronic sphere like no other Sonic Transmission before, Friday’s performance was also a reminder to the inevitable need for human connection, and undeniably a sweet “see you soon!” postcard from Hamburg to Prizren and back.

By Enxhi Noni