In the variety of categories and programmes of films and documentaries offered online in this edition of DokuFest, you can also find the special programme EFA Shorts. “European Film Awards” that first took place in 1988 and has been a yearly awarding ceremony ever since, organized by the European Film Academy. It was created to celebrate the European cinematography, to award and give recognition to the filmmakers that give life to the European Cinematography. The awards are divided in categories, which are restricted to the European cinematography only, so the competition is always between European producers, directors and actors. The last European Film Awards ceremony was held on December 7, 2019, in Berlin.

One of the categories of films in the competition each year is the category of “Best Short Film”.

DokuFest has selected 15 films that have been nominated in this category, for the audience to watch online from 15th to 25th of August, respectively will stream a selection of the films nominated for the prestigious European Film Awards (EFA) Best Short Film in 2019 award.

The topics that are covered in these short films are extremely diverse. Themes that touch all the dimensions of life and diverse culture within a small continent like Europe. These short films address very tangible topics and situations from everyday life, not only in the European context, but also worldwide, from Denmark to Turkey, from France to Palestine. The films address the social, cultural, political and economic problems of the whole world, seen from the personal point of view of European filmmakers. Films that speak not only of our times, but also of the past, films that will make one experience a trip in time and fantasy, leaving behind every time a very strong message, even why in just a few minutes of storytelling.

All the 15 films can be watched on the DokuFest’s online platform, from the 15th of August until the 25th of August, for free. and afterwards. May you have a pleasant ride!

By Anisa Gjini