:The Awaiting

Screening Schedule: 08/09, 18:00, Kino Klubi | 08/13, 18:00, Kino Klubi

:The Awaiting / Pritja

Albania, 2015, 60 min

On September 21, 2014 Pope Francis chose Albania for his first European visit to “a country that has long suffered the ideologies of the past”. His voyage from Rome to Tirana lasted 50 years. The Awaiting makes use of historical footage juxtaposed to present day shootings, to tell a unique page of history of one of the only atheist country in the world through the narration of two protagonists: a Franciscan priest (who spent most of his life in prison) and a Cathedral (that became a sports palace).

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Roland Sejko, born in Elbasan in 1968. He studied at Faculty of History-Philology at University of Tirana. Since 1991 he lives in Rome where he works. At the moment he is responsible for European cinematographic projects at Historical Archive of Luce.
TIFF, Tirana 2015
Cinéma du Réel 2016
Taormina FF 2016
Istituto Luce
Via Tuscolana 1055, 00173, Rome, Italy

08/09, 18:00, Kino Klubi 08/13, 18:00, Kino Klubi
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