Stories We Tell


“Stories we tell” is a platform aimed at promoting inter-ethnic and inter-community relations in Kosovo through visual storytelling by youth of different communities and ethnicities, living in Kosovo. Through this platform, young people from Kosovo will be provided with necessary tools and knowledge in the field of visual storytelling in order to voice their opinions and views on social issues. A dedicated interactive portal will be built where a significant number of videos and other visual content will be placed. This way the youth of Kosovo will have an opportunity to release a substantial number of visual works of social nature, influencing public opinion, and therefore inadvertently influencing public policy positively.

As an immediate result, youth will no longer be a passive observer of the social injustice but active agents of change, through visual media work. Exposure of international visual storytellers in Kosovo and vice versa, where stories on inter-ethnic living, community cooperation, human rights and social issues are explored, will bring a increased understanding of complexities of communal and inter-ethnic life in Kosovo, as well as bring heightened understanding of many social issues present globally, to local visual storytellers.

A total of 6 documentaries will be produced through DokuFest Film Production Centre- Human Rights Factory, established in 2010 through the support of the European Union Office in Kosovo.Six produced documentaries at the first stage will be screened in Kosovo, regional and international festivals later to be followed by TV broadcasting. DokuFest will utilize its regional distribution network and international festival networks for wildest international dissemination of the films possible. Number of one-minute stories will be produced by youth videographers, who will participate in learning workshops for visual storytelling and use of social media to act as agents of change by disseminating their messages and stories to thousands of viewers. This initiative will also strengthen DokuFest’s Film Production Centre capabilities in providing services to young filmmakers throughout Kosovo, by increasing the physical infrastructure of the centre.

This way the centre can be put in function yearlong in supporting filmmakers to produce their films through editing, research, and consulting and equipment rental. The interactive website containing all videos will be linked to DokuFest’s website as well as other social media outlets in order to target audiences and to increase awareness on various interethnic issues in Kosovo.


HUMAN RIGHTS FACTORY: Ethnic community cooperation through storytelling is an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo, implemented by DokuFest.