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Creative practices and arts have been intersecting with social, political, economic and cultural issues and processes since one knows of both, therefore forming an inter– and transdisciplinary space of creation: nomadic spaces hosting aesthetic reflections on ideologies, societies, systems of values, human development and therefore possibilities for creative interventions in the latter. Thus, Pravo Ljudski aspires to build a nomadic artistic platform at the intersection of society and arts, generating creativity which in the global world of technology and new media can easily transform the artworks into publicly accessible information, vision and critique.

DokuFest is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Western Balkans. Since its inception in 2002 DokuFest has managed to grow to became the most important cultural event in Kosovo by bringing each year to Prizren thousands of film lovers to screenings, workshops, master classes and live music concerts. DokuFest is active throughout the year in the cultural scene of Kosovo by holding custom made workshops in filmmaking, organizing touring cinema in the villages in Kosovo, holding screenings and debates on the topics of human rights and working extensively with high school students of Kosovo in using documentary film as educational tools.

MakeDox’s is a civil society organization with a mission to promote active citizenship and human rights through documentary films and art. In only three years MakeDox has grown into a nationally and regionally-recognized organization with over 60 film screenings per year, open-air travelling cinema and a year-long educational program for children and youth – MakeDox Junior.

CRPRC Studiorum, Skopje, Macedonia. Studiorum’s New Media and the Society program has the goal to facilitate the process of development of civic skills through creative media, audiovisual arts, and socially engaged art-forms in general. Through the promotion of non-formal education methods relevant to democratic citizenship and European values, Studiorum’s New Media program activities and projects strive for development of new approaches to education and civic engagement incorporating creative methods and arts.