Balkan Dox

Quietly, I Walk The Wrong Way

Мирно Идем Кривим Путем

United States
2021 — 20 min



The film is comprised of a collection of Instagram story posts taken with an iPhone during the pandemic year 2020. Reflections on isolation, separation, and distance - as felt in remote locations of interior Alaska and a village on the island of Lesbos.

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Directors' Biography

Iva Radivojević was born in Belgrade and spent her early years in Yugoslavia and Cyprus. She is an artist and filmmaker who currently divides her time between subarctic Alaska, Brooklyn and Lesbos. Her work presents itself as a collection of fragments {observations, poetry, images, sounds, melodies, languages} which collage together to connect into a ruminating whole. The work circles around displacement and belonging, seeking to connect to the metaphysical or the magical.

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Iva Radivojević