Balkan Dox

Flowers Blooming in Our Throats

2020 — 9 min / Colour



Everyday occupations, some domestic tools, fruits, light, rope and many hands. Hands that dig in the earth, that cut, that cook, that touch, rip, wash, squeeze, erase, press, push. The sound of domestic spaces and its silence. Red flowers one summer. Flowers blooming in our throat is a cinematic poem in response to the worldwide pandemic of 2020. Commissioned and produced by in between art films for the project Mascarilla 19 – Codes of Domestic Violence.

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Directors' Biography

Eva Giolo (b.1991) is a Brussels-based visual artist and self-taught filmmaker. Her work consists of cinematic poems that show a propensity to capture familial stories– of her own or of another’s. Using documentary strategies, she paints her portraits and creates a window into unseen, usually private, interior worlds.

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Eva Giolo


Leonardo Bigazzi


Eva Giolo

Eva Claus


Simonluca Laitempergher

Screenings & Awards

IFFR, Rotterdam , Netherlands, 2021

FID, Marseille , France, 2021