Balkan Dox

The Other Way Wolf

2020 — 11 min / Colour



The cartoon series unite three fairy-tales with the Wolf being an antihero - "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Wolf And Seven Goatlings", "The Three Little Pigs". They all are brought into the new reality with the vegan Wolf , smartphone mirrors and charmed Internet forest. Among the other characters there is Finik, the goatling. He has special peculiarities in his development and music talent. The Wolf turns into his teacher.

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Directors' Biography

Ira Elshansky grew up in Moscow, Russia. After two years at Moscow State Textile University, in 2010 she moved to Israel and studied animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Since 2015 Ira is back to Moscow and has been working on different video and animations projects as a freelancer and in big studios such as Souzmultfilm.

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Ira Elshansky


Evgeniy Potashnik