Balkan Dox


2020 — 8 min / Colour



Ramón, an 8-year old Mexican kid, week after week practices kickboxing with care and passion. After much training, Ramón is finally participating in his first national championship. At the end of the fight and for the first time in his life, Ramón will learn the meaning of winning and losing.

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Directors' Biography

Natalia Bernal is a filmmaker specialized in producing audiovisual content for and with children. Her production credits include the multi-awarded children’s short-film "3feet" (Colombia,2018), the feature-length documentary "Andaderas de los tiempos" (Colombia, 2016). The Children’s short documentary film "Ramón"(Colombia/México, 2020) is Natalia's directorial debut. She holds a Master Degree in Visual Anthropology from Barcelona University and she attended the ‘International television and film production for children programme’ held in Universidad Santiago de Cali in 2015.

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Natalia Bernal


Natalia Bernal

Giselle Geney

Alejandro Coronado

Andrés Montaña