Balkan Dox


2019 — 11 min / Colour



Fragile tells the story about a ceramic girl who lives in a small drab village that sits in a valley surrounded by huge mountains. One day she wrangles the courage to scale the mountain but falls shattering herself into a thousand pieces. From the ashes she arises – transformed into a fairy. She flies over the mountain to discover a magically colorful world awaiting.

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Directors' Biography

Kholoud is one of Qatar’s most recognizable artists. She graduated from Qatar University with a BA in Art Education and continued following her passion into the professional market where she has been working for Jeem TV and Baraem, since 2007. During her time there as an Animation Senior Producer, Kholoud managed to expand her skills as an artist and developed her talents by screenwriting and directing locally created animated series in Doha. Since 2015, she’s distributed two seasons on television with a total of twenty-six episodes. Kholoud is an avid illustrator of content for audiences both young and old and has emerged as an international trailblazer representing Qatar in the world of animation. Her first short film RED was produced through the Qatari Film Fund Grant and Fragile is her second short film.

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Kholood Al Ali


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