Balkan Dox

The Wire

Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Lithuania
2021 — 75 min / Colour



By constructing an iron fence, right through the beautiful KUPA-region, Slovenia has made Croatia somewhat an unwilling buffer for the influx of the refugees coming from Bosnia, trying to reach Europe. Of cause of the fence, the usual way of life has collapsed and a new dynamic was generated. The region has become an arena of different faces of human nature brought forward by a time of crisis, in which local population needs to find a way to deal with this new situation in order to survive.

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Directors' Biography

Tiha K. Gudac Is a filmmaker based in Croatia, where she’s working as a director, scriptwriter and a producer. She has an MA as a Master of Film Arts and an MA in Business Marketing. As a director and scriptwriter and researcher she is working primarily on documentary projects. As a producer she has independently produced and worked on: fiction, documentary, and animated films and commercial and TV formats, some of which were awarded, or box office success. She debuted as a director with her film “Naked Island” (2014), which has received numerous international festival awards, and has had international theatrical, TV and educational distribution. In the recent years she has directed, written and co-produced three TV documentary series programs for Croatian national TV Broadcaster HRT.

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Tiha K. Gudac


Frederik Nicolai

Viva Videnović

Ljubo Zdjelarević

Karl Emil Rikardsen


Darko Herič


Thijs Van Nuffel


Rune Hansen

Screenings & Awards

DOK.fest München, Germany, 2021

ZagrebDox , Croatia, 2021

Crossing Europe, Linz, Austria, 2021