Balkan Dox


Germany, Albania
2021 — 29 min / Colour



From 1944 to 1990 Albania suffered from the dictatorship of Hoxha, which turned Albania into an extremely isolationist, Stalinist, anti-revisionist and communist state. At that time, the communists, currently three million people, built 750,000 bunkers. The bunkers are everywhere: in cities, yards, cemeteries and playgrounds across the country. After communism, the bunkers were used in different ways by the albanian citizens: they became pizzerias, bars, museums and hostels. The bunkers are used symbolically in the film, to report what is left of the communist dictatorship.

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Directors' Biography

Luigjina Shkupa was born in 1991 in Albania, but she grew up in Italy. She did her first studies between Italy and Belgium in "Informatics and multimedia science". Since 2016, she is studying in the HFF Munich, in the documentary department.

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Luigjina Shkupa


HFF Münich


Teresa Renn


Sophie Oldenbourg


Luigjina Shkupa

Nicolas Deman