Balkan Dox


Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom
2021 — 70 min / Colour



Mira Furlan plays the ethereal voice of Sava. Once the longest river in Yugoslavia she converses with her people who share memories, dreams and visions of the future on a 990km odyssey downstream. Sava is a witness to human history; a conduit between East and West, the dividing line of great empires and a common thread between nations. Today she flows along borders through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. As her final words ring out, Sava sings.

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Directors' Biography

Matthew Somerville is a filmmaker from London. He has a background in documentary photography and often makes work that explores humans and their physical environments. Matthew has run Sava Films and documentary collective Configure/Disfigure since 2013 and is currently working on two feature films among other projects.

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Matthew Somerville


Matthew Somerville

Tibor Keser


Matthew Somerville

Dan McCrum


Gorjan Atanasov


Rick Blything

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