Balkan Dox

Son of Sodom

2020 — 15 min / Colour



In August 2017, I chose Camilo Najar, known as Son of Sodom in the social networks, to be the main character of my first feature film. That casting delved around his life, his sexuality, the future he saw for himself and drugs. A week later, aged 21, he died from a heroin overdose. Who was Son of Sodom?

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Directors' Biography

Since 2014, Montoya is creator and director of Desvío Visual, a production company founded to create a cinema where the freedom to tell and experience stories with image and sound prevails. In 2018 his project SON OF SODOM was supported with the Documentary Short Film Production Grant from the Colombian Film Fund-FDC, and in 2020 this same film was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival. Since 2019 he has worked on his first feature film ANHELL69, a co-production with Argentina and Romania: a hybrid project that has been selected in laboratories and markets such as Torino Film Lab, SANFIC, FIDBA and Ventana Sur. In 2020 ANHELL69 also was supported by the Tribecca All Access Fund.

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Theo Montoya


Juan Pablo Castrillón


Theo Montoya


Mario Durrieu


Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo

Screenings & Awards

Cannes , France, 2020

IDFA, Netherlands, 2020

Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2021

Palm Springs ShortFest , United States, 2021

Norwegian Short FF, Norway, 2021
Honorable Mention