Balkan Dox

Bellum – The Daemon of War

Denmark, Sweden
2021 — 88 min / Colour



War has always been the fate of humanity, its form evolving with “progress” over the ages. But the advent of artificial intelligence and the hyper-digitalisation of weapons is a game changer. In these new conflicts, which are increasingly remotely operated, the front seems to take the shape of a new demon. Bellum – The Daemon of War offers an equally chilling and fascinating consideration of this.

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Directors' Biography

David Herdies is a Swedish producer, director and the Managing Director of Momento Film. He founded Momento Film in 2011 with the vision to create compelling and surprising films commenting on our time. From the outset, the aim has been to be an independent platform for new talents with challenging and brave film projects. David Herdies’ films have been screened and awarded on festivals all over the world. Georg Götmark is a producer and director. He has worked with documentaries & TV since 2001. During this period he has worked on a number of international documentary projects, such as THE LAST LACANDONES (2013) by Peter Torbiörnsson, TRANSIT TANGER (2004) and the short documentary CITIZEN OKETCH (2009). Georg has also produced a number of TV-series and reportages in many different countries for Swedish Television

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David Herdies

Georg Gotmark


David Herdies

Michael Krotkiewski


Ellis Hallin

Camilla Skagerstrom


Ida Bregninge

Kristoffer Nordin


Ted Krotkiewski

Screenings & Awards

Visions du Réel , Switzerland, 2021