Balkan Dox

The White Sheets

Çarçafët e bardhë

2020 — 5 min / Black and white



Based on Maks Velo’s novel, a famous Albanian artist, architect and writer. Maks Velo was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1978 for "agitation and propaganda" against the communist regime in Albania, in the Spaç labor camp. The artist returns to visit the camp after the fall of communist regime and wrote his reflections about his feelings on the novel "The sheets were missing".

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Directors' Biography

Pandeli Çeço comes from a long career in graphic design, since 1998. His first work in a feature project was in 2018 as a scenographer of the documentary "Azizi - tells a true story". After that he filmed, directed and edited a series of documentaries on the topics of persecution from the dictatorial past of Albania.

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Pandeli Ceco


Pandeli Ceco


Pandeli Ceco


Pandeli Ceco


Pandeli Ceco

Screenings & Awards

18th Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2020
Audience Choice Award