Balkan Dox

A Child

Një Femijë

2020 — 15 min / Colour



The married couple Krenar and Blerta are trying to have a child for a long time, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. Blerta’s husband denies going through the tests of fertility. Not only is their relationship in a crisis, Krenar’s mother, ascertain of Blerta’s incapability of getting pregnant, urges him to find another wife.

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Directors' Biography

Bekim Guri finished his studies at the university of arts in Tirana in 2006 and worked in different film projects as a film director, author and actor. His films travelled around the world in national and international film festivals as: Go Short - Dresden, Queens World Film Festival and also at Berlinale Film Festival as an actor and associate casting director. His films are often connected to a taboo, which he successfully provokes through questioning norms or societal understandings.

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Ilir Hasanaj


Latif Hasolli


Latif Hasolli


Engert Keçi