Balkan Dox


2021 — 4 min / Colour



Beti, a woman in her late forties, together with her family, is deported by Serbian security forces from her home in the capital of Kosovo to the border village of Bllacë. With war breaking out in 1999, her story of survival is stitched together as the world she knew disintegrates. The seemingly endless cycle of cruelty Beti endures on her journey to a safe haven becomes a collective story of survival.

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Directors' Biography

Flaka Kokolli is an animator from Kosovo. She was born on the 7th of October 1998, in Prishtine, where she grew up and finished her education up until University. After having been a workshop participant and volunteer in the Anibar Animation Festival for a couple of years, at the age of 16 she started tutoring stop-motion workshops, later on coordinating them, as well as becoming a selection panel member for Anibar’s “Kids and Teen” program.

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Flaka Kokolli


Oral History Initiative


Flaka Kokolli

Giorgi Gabisonia

Nora Jusufi


Nart Kelmendi