Excess Will Save Us

Sweden, France
2018 — 14 min / Colour



EXCESS WILL SAVE US is a documentary made as a tragicomedy. I wish this film makes the audience want to open to the strangeness and the melancholia they have in themselves. That they question themselves about their paranoias and judgments. I shot it in Villereau, a village that is very important to me as a part of my family lives there. I always found the place both comic and sad. One day, the inhabitants of the village panicked believing there was a terrorist attack there while nothing had happened. I thought of it as a beautiful metaphor of the place so that was the time for me to make a film about Villereau.

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Director Biography

Born in France, Morgane Dziurla-Petit studied Cinema at La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and then Film Production in Cannes. She discovered even more about the world of cinema during her professional experiences at the Cannes Film Festival and Roy Andersson's film production. In 2016, she traveled to Tokyo, shooting the art video MEMORIES OF ANOTHER I, using self-generative editing. She moved to Sweden in 2017, where she works for Vilda Bomben Film AB. Here, she keeps on creating new narratives, crossing the borders between documentary and fiction.


Morgane Dziurla-Petit


Fredrik Lange

Ami Ekström


Filip Lyman


Patrik Forsell


Anders Kwarnmark

Screenings & Awards

Brussels ShFF, Belgium, 2019
Jury award for Best European Short Film

Tempo DFF, Sweden, 2019
Tempo Short Award

Norwegian ShFF, Norway, 2019
Golden Chair Award

Hot Docs, Canada, 2019

Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2019


Vilda Bomben Film
Andra Långgatan 8
413 03 Göteborg, Sweden
[email protected]
+46 (0) 739467363