Once You Know

Quand On Sait

2020 — 104 min / Colour



Once You Know is the intimate journey of director Emmanuel Cappellin across the abyss of a world at the edge of climate-induced collapse. His voyage into this uncharted territory is that of a whole generation turning to climate scientists, local democracy, grassroots initiatives, and mass rebellion in a desperate search for an exit.

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Director Biography

Emmanuel is an associate producer at Pulp Films where, over seven years, he has been tirelessly directing Once You Know, his first feature-length documentary for the big screen. After growing up in France and the US, studying environmental sciences (McGill University, Canada), and Producing & Directing (Berkeley Digital Film Institute, California), Emmanuel chose filmmaking to creatively explore the complex relationship between humans and planet Earth. His work began with early environmental activist and Oscar-winning film animation master Frédéric Back. He then co-edited To the Tar Sands (2007, DOXA and Calgary International Film Festivals) and went to China to direct Thoughts & Reflections (2010, commission).

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Written and directed by Emmanuel Cappellin, in collaboration with Anne-Marie Sangla


Emmanuel Cappellin


Emmanuel Cappellin


Anne-Marie Sangla


Virgile Van Ginneken

Screenings & Awards

Transitions, FF, Australia, 2020

Doc Edge Festival, New Zealand, 2020

Hong Kong, IFF, China, 2020


Pulp Films
28 Faubourg du Temple
26340 Saillans, France
[email protected]