08 Jun, 2021

Through a 2 day workshop with teachers from High Schools of Kosovo, DokuFest facilitated the first session of introducing the methodology in using documentary film in the classroom to teachers from Montenegro.

The project “Schools and Documentaries” supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has strengthened DokuFest’s capacities to provide tools and empower teachers in the use of audiovisual tools in the classroom in conjunction with traditional methods for deeper understanding of complex issues and promotion of social development of youth.

A group of teachers from High Schools in Kosovo shared their experiences with their colleagues in Montenegro and exchanged the knowledge in use of documentary films for educational purposes.

During the same workshop, the partner organization Underhill Fest from Podgorica was introduced to Digital Library for Teachers that is a repository of documentary films and didactic materials built for teachers and educators.

The initial workshop identified the similarities that can be replicated and adopted by the partner organization and teachers in Montenegro. The next workshop will take place in Podgorica and will be facilitated by teachers from Kosovo and DokuFest with a larger participation of teachers from Montenegro, thus creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange in Multimedia Education.