The news spread far and wide as soon as it was published: August 19th Sonic Transmissions called for the father-daughter duo “you never knew you needed”. It was, in fact, everything we needed and more.

Veton Nurkollari had its share in the group of friends that back in 2002 started what today is known to be one of Kosovo’s largest cultural events and one of the most accomplished international film festivals in South-Eastern Europe, DokuFest. 19 editions later, he occupies the position of Artistic Director. However, on Wednesday evening, teamed up with his daughter Aneta Nurkollari who created this edition’s visual persona, they gave another contribution to the festival and the place where it all started, Lumbardhi Cinema.

From the comfort of their attic to the beloved Garden Cinema, the outdoor of Lumbardhi and also one of Prizren’s first open-air cinemas, the Nurkollari duo got out their amazing collection of Rock’n’Roll vinyl records and played them for one hour and twenty minutes. The setlist was prepared to have all the necessary conditions for the feel-good euphoria and dancing feet: from The Smiths, Beirut, the Pixies, Joy Division, and David Bowie, it also served as a shred of evidence as to where the artistic team of DokuFest gets their early inspirations for the festival’s visual identity. With beers and cigarettes in their hands, what especially stole hearts was Veton’s pink “Rock Roll” shirt and Aneta’s charming smile while the party lights jumped from Prizren to every person following from their screen.

Even though the musical program of DokuFest is carefully curated, welcoming established artists in Marash Parc’s shiny scene, yesterday’s performance was like nothing before. In addition to bringing the kind of new and fresh spirit that DokuFest advocates for, it also brought a singular experience that would be delicate to go forward with in other conditions, therefore made possible exclusively by courtesy of Virtual DokuNights.

By Enxhi Noni