Rinesa Qeriqi is the name of the artist that officially kicked off Sonic Transmissions, the programme centering on different musical performances that will be held during the 19th edition of DokuFest, also referred to as Virtual DokuNights by the audience. After many years of a rich and well-prepared program bringing local and international artists together on a shared stage, DokuNights will be broadcasted online as Sonic Transmissions to fit the online format of this year’s edition. Rinesa’s performance, held on Saturday of August 8, seems to be one of the firsts among many to come in the career of the young artist, adapting to DokuFest’s will to nurture talented local artists’ visibility as much as possible.

Rinesa, who more commonly goes under the stage name of Rinesance, shared with the audience 12 new and previously unreleased songs, part of her soon-to-be published EP. During 45 minutes, the young artist managed to create a dynamic atmosphere similar to the one experienced during DokuNights, despite the distance between her and the audience. With a carefree outfit, smile and attitude, placed in front of a background dominated by the image of a rising sun and immersed in neon pink visuals, the Prishtina-born artist intertwined her music bits with the experience of her emotions during the creative process while thanking everyone that had supported her.

Although her stage name can be seen as a reference to the individual renaissance impacted by the artistic journey, the independent Kosovar artist brings to the table a new spirit. Her allure is close to the image we are used to identifying “self-made” artists with, although Rinesa is distinguished by freshness and sincerity that is rare in her field. In addition to the prominent character, it is clear that the artist is in a constant soul-search using different sounds, therefore avoiding creative limitations through experimenting. During her exchanges with the virtual public, she expresses her appreciation for the music as an opportunity to express oneself, as well as to get rid of all the negative energies that one has to jiggle daily.

Rinesance closed her performance by also expressing the wish to be present at DokuFest’s stage again next year to finally “hug each other”, and until then she wishes everyone to stay safe and in good health.

In order not to miss the upcoming music events thought for Sonic Transmissions, all you have to do is enjoy from the comfort of your home and screen all the performances that will be live- broadcasted and in real-time from DokuFest’s online platform.

By Enxhi Noni