OSCE Mission in Kosovo and DokuFest announced the mutual cooperation which will support young women and man to make documentary films regarding human rights. Head of DokuLab, Eroll Bilibani and head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Michael Davenport launched this joint venture during the 20th edition of DokuFest.

“I’m so happy that we are going to continue and support young filmmakers through the OSCE’s grant for DokuFest. We will be having films next year showing at DokuFest as a result of this cooperation”, said Bilibani, while praising this mission for the support of festival since the beginning.

Ambassador Davenport in the beginning congratulated DokuFest for its achievements over the last two decades.

“I’m really delighted that OSCE Mission in Kosovo as you say has been by your side from the beginning. We have been involved in too many initiatives to list, but we have always benefited from your tremendous enthusiasm, energy, expertise and sheer stamina, determination, to achieve what you have done. In a way we have been able to benefit from one another in that respect. We are here also to launch a joint venture between DokuFest and OSCE Mission, which is all about supporting young women and man, who are interested in documentary filmmaking. Actually, our intention is over the next 12 months to run with your support and expertise, two week long camps devoting to nurturing the talent of 20 young people, who are particularly interested in human rights focused documentary filmmaking”, said Davenport.

He invited the youth talents to follow the instructions for application in DokuFest and OSCE’s website and social media platforms. “This is exciting for us, because we always like to be starting new things and as you say objective will be that at Dokufest 2022, when we will be celebrating your 21st birthday, we will be expecting that we will be able to show at least one of the films that are the product of work done in next 12 months. We’d like to invite interested young man and women who have a fascination for film, for documentary film and a passion for human rights to follow our web sites and social media”.

Davenport believes that DokuFest showed that even the young filmmakers can reach the worldwide audience.

“We want to encourage and support young documentary filmmakers to aspire to excellence and to reach out to a worldwide audience. I’m very confident that with what you achieved so far that is absolutely realistic”, concludes head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo.