DokuFest is an all-inclusive festival and this is not only confirmed by the diversity of the films and documentaries in competition, or by the participation of people from all over the region and beyond over the years, but also from the fact that every year a special space is dedicated to children, those who are the next generation, and who will be the ones that will continue this tradition year after year.

DokuKids is one of the most special events within DokuFest, as it is completely different from any other activity that usually takes place throughout the festival. It includes games, workshops, dances, and animation preparation with the participating children. Like much else, for this year DokuKids too had to be adapted and many of the activities are impossible to carry out due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, we have enabled 12 films for our little ones, which they can watch in our platform from August 8 to 15.

There are 10 animated films, and 2 short films, which can be watched during this period, free of charge.

The film categories are broad, they are selected for all ages, ranging from animated films without dialogue, which bring as a message the similarities we have as beings, regardless of appearance, an animation and message understandable by all ages, to featured short films, the subject of which is related to the consequences that growth brings and the differences that occur in our conception of the world as a result of this growth.

Of course, this edition could not be missing a movie that pays homage to cinema, with the movie “The Kid”, which deals with the friendship that is formed between an elderly man who has lost his video store and a little boy, who discovers his passion for movies and cinema.

All very inspiring stories and messages, not only for the children, but also for the whole family, as we could all learn a lesson. At the very least, we could stop for a moment and reflect on how our view on the world has changed as we grew older, and we may meet again that child within us, even if only for a few minutes.

By Anisa Gjini