In August, Prizren transforms into a city made from cinemas. You can watch films and documentaries in a typical rendezvous in the closed cinema avenues, but also you can get glimpses of films just by taking a stroll in the city.

Using public spaces as cinemas, is now a known tradition of DokuFest where visitors can get a better hold of the city while watching some of the films, part of this festival’s program.

For those who haven’t had the chance to visit Prizren in this time of the year must know that August is a remarkable time to be here. Prizren is known as an important historical and cultural site, and many important events have taken place here.

Besides from the cultural and historical tourism, you can live through art and cinema in public spaces. For example, in Kino në Lum placed nearby the river in the city, or even better in the Castle of Prizren.

Lunar and Sonar Cinema are two open cinemas situated in the end of your walk in the castle. After a sloppy uphill walk from where you can see different sights of the city, your last stop are these two cinemas, and you can go wherever you like.

In this castle up until the 14th of August will be presents a series of documentaries, short films and performances which make this place have a cosmopolitan feel.

The experience of watching these creative works in one of the most visited points of the city brings the feeling of intimacy and privacy, like you have a room of your own. When you’re up in the castle, you can feel the city-s embrace, you feel it your own and added to that you have a screen of your own.

People walking the road to the castle with their drinks in their hands, accompanied by many film lovers bring another kind of life and enjoyment of this city.

The public spaces in this city intertwin the busy life of summer and being up to date with the crème de la crème of the cinematographic world, in only one city.

In the castle, you can have a great view and hold of the city, understanding deeply its beaty and costumes, and feel how it is growing from time to time. So, if you are in Prizren do not miss the chance to live and relive this feeling.

While feeling life fleeting as the river flows, you can do your own personal travel through films, stories from all the world.