After a long day of high temperatures, Prizren lit up at night while people walked to the castle to enjoy the performance of Dhafer Yousseff.

The audience was lining up to hear the musical marvels and experience a sonic to remember. Just after everyone rushed to get a comfortable position to enjoy this performance everyone saw Dhafer Youssef rushing to the stage and as soon as he started to play, the audience cheered loudly.

A light chilly night was the canvas where sounds painted a perfect movie like picture. Yousseff’s musical machinery made the audience immerge in a wondrous journey. All we had to do was just listen.

Dhafer Youssef is a successful Tunisian artist who has travelled the world in many important stages. His musical journey started when he was five years old and since than he has continued to explore more on different musical traditions, sounds, lyrics to produce original sound inspired by folkloric music and jazz. He plays the Arabic lute and with that he masters the art combing soulful lyrics, playful sounds and calming rhythms which speak to the soul on a core level.

His artistry while playing the instrument, accompanies by skilled instrumentalists lifted the stakes and emotions. Seeing him play on the Sonar Cinema stage was the perfect embellishment of a sound coming from a palimpsest of musical culture and an audience eager to listen a great soulful performer.

Getting to listen to this performance after a day watching wonderful representations of filmmakers from all around the world was truly the highlight of the weekend.

For everyone who wants to have a good hold of what it means to live Prizren besides from all the main touristic points of the city, is for sure, getting to see and hear a performance in the castle.

The sound of time and space mashed in a historical setting make you feel you can relive through time and space.

If you are scrolling through the program online or having a physical copy of it, look up for the next performance in the castle and do not miss it.

Coming next is Deniz Özçelik, a wonderful artist who mixes eerie and hypnotic sounds with Turkish folk. If you are in Prizren on Monday, these is a meeting you do not want to miss.

There are going to be a lot more Sonic Nights at DokuFest and make sure that after watching films and documentaries, to live yourself in a film of your own in Prizren’s Castle.