In the multitude of goals and what "DokuFest" wants to convey, the perceived from a closer perspective of different genres of art is definitely something that this festival wants to offer to the public. The close encounter with an artist, for many of them, is thought to lower the work from the pedestal on which the public itself places it, while for others the work becomes more felt, closer, more tangible, gaining more value. At noon this Wednesday in the "KinoKlubi" space, the attendees had the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with two artists, guests of the festival such as Maryam Tafakory and Morgan Quaintance. The conversation was moderated by Pamela Cohn who through her questions revealed many inner sides of two artists who are each specific in their art and form of art production.
Where does art and the desire to create come from? How does this process arise and materialize in a work? How much do personal experiences affect an artist in what he creates?
All these questions and others directed not only by Pamela Cohn but also by those present in the hall received immediate answers from the artists who, from the comfort of the armchair, were able to take a tour in the depth of the inner self of the creators in front of them. The discussion was accompanied by film materials produced by Tafakory, and Quintance thus making the process of talking more relaxing, but keeping the audience firmly connected to what was being discussed in the room.
Quintance, who shared with those present some details from the realization of his works, considered the creation process as an internal need of his, which came as a result of the things he was surrounded by when he was working on that material.
While Tafakroy focused on the process of creation and the expression of the inner self, taking feelings as a reference and referring to them as material things that must be materialized through art. According to her, this materialization often comes involuntarily, but instinctively to bring out the inner self and share it with others.
Iranian artist Maryam Tafakory is also a filmmaker who incorporates film images with poetry and other material from the archives. While Morgan Quaintance is also a writer and artist whose career is based in London, but his exhibitions have appeared in a number of different artistic spaces in different countries of the world.

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Esad Duraki