Death of a Boy

2021 — 13' / Color



Death of a Boy is a short film produced by Arcada University of Applied Sciences. It is a Finnish, Swedish and Albanian language minority film. The film follows Albert, twelve, who is very shy and insecure. His older brother Jon decides to help Albert out of his shell by bringing him along to a boxing gym. In doing so Albert is brought into an unwelcoming environment. In the gym aggression is respected and the violence is controlled through disciplined practice. As Albert participates in the boxing training there's a feeling that violence is looming in the air. To everyone's surprise it erupts through Albert.

Director Biography

Basha Troni is an award-winning director and screenwriter from Finland based in Helsinki. Basha has Finn-Swedish and Albanian roots which are mirrored in his films. Through his diverse scripts, Basha’s goal is to highlight characters' inner vulnerability and human connection. His projects are accompanied by intense presence and liveliness in his directing. Making noise within the national film scene in Finland, Basha has now broken out internationally with his latest short film, Death of a Boy.

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Basha Troni


Saxby Young


Malin Hemming


Malin Hemming


Daniel Strang


Saxby Young
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