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2021 — 20' / Color



A unique shelter for dogs in Europe, it is a place where animal controllers bring stray dogs impounded daily on the outskirts of the city. Showing the process of training these dogs, Adjusting deals with a current social issue – the subjugation of the individual to the will of authority. Establishing a parallel between dog shelters and societies, the film re-examines the hierarchies of power, as well as the relativity of any authority that renders us obedient through the exercise of reward and punishment.

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Director Biography

Dejan Petrović has written screenplays and directed several short feature and documentary films. As a producer, he has taken part in the production of about 50 short documentaries. He is a founder and general manager of the Independent Film Centre Filmart which carries out several projects such as International Student Film Camp Interaction, among others. He works as a professor at the department of Film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Also, he is a member of DokSerbia – the Association of Documentary Filmmakers of Serbia. His film The Same has been shown at festivals around the world (IDFA, Doc Edge, ZagrebDox...) and has collected more than 15 awards.

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Dejan Petrović


Dejan Petrović

Ivica Vidanović


Dragan Vildović


Aleksandar Uhrin

Aleksandar Popović


Nikola Cvijanović


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